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Q&A: Metal Properties

Q&A: Metal Properties 

1. List the general physical properties of metals
2. Define ductile
3. Define malleable
4. Describe the metallic bonding. Illustrate with a diagram.
5.  Explain the high melting and boiling point of metals in terms of its structure.
6. Explain the ductile and malleable properties of metals in terms of their structure. Draw a diagram to illustrate.
7. Explain the good electrical conductivity of metals in terms of their structure.
8. Explain the good thermal conductivity of metals in terms of their structure.
9. Explain the high density of metals in terms of their structure.
1.  These are general properties. It applies for most metals with certain exceptions.
  • high melting and boiling point
  • high density
  • ductile
  • malleable
  • shiny appearance
  • good conductor of heat
  • good conductor of electricity
2. It can be stretched into wires.
3. It can be bent and hammered into sheets.
4. Metallic bonding is the strong forces of attraction between the positive metal ions and the sea of delocalised electrons.These delocalised electrons comes from the valence electrons of the atoms.
5. The metallic bonds in metals are strong hence metals have high melting and boiling points.
6. The layers of atoms are able to slide pass each other easily without breaking the metallic bond.
7. The delocalised electrons are able to move freely to conduct electricity.
8.  The closely packed structure in metals allow heat energy to be easily transferred from one atoms to another through vibration. The sea of delocalised electrons further enhance the heat conduction process through vibration.
9. The atoms in atoms are closely packed resulting in high density.