List: Endothermic/Exothermic Reactions

Examples of Exothermic Reactions: (process that releases energy)

* all reactions that give out heat energy
* reactions that forms bond
* commonly associated with temperature increase(surrounding)

– Combustion (burning)
– Neutralisation
– Haber Process
– rusting of iron
– forming on pairs
– atoms combining to form gaseous molecules
– mixing water with anhydrous salts (anhydrous salts to hydrous salts)
– mixing water with calcium chloride
– condensation
– deposition
– forming of ice (losing thermal energy)
– respiration (burning of food in body)
– double displacement (e.g. precipitation)
– synthesis (2 or more simpler substances forming more complex compounds e.g. Haber Process, except photosynthesis)
– single displacement (displacement of metals or halogens)

Examples of Endothermic Reactions:(process that absorbs energy)

* all reactions that absorbs thermal energy
* all reactions that breaks bonds
* commonly associated with temperature decrease (surrounding)
– Thermal decomposition
– Haber Process (reverse reaction)
– dissolving ammonium and potassium salts (Ammonium Chloride dissolved in water)
– separating ion pairs
– melting solid salts
– melting ice cubes
– evaporation of water
– dissolving hydrated salts in water
– atomisation (breaking of molecules into atoms involves absorption of energy) – Alevel (gaseous atoms)
– photosynthesis


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